Digital Marketing Workshop – Executive Programme

Digital Marketing Workshop – Executive Programme

This 2-day hands-on training programme on Digital Marketing, conducted at RAMT Campus designed to make participants more effective in developing and executing digital marketing strategies.

The workshop aims to make you more effective in developing and executing digital marketing strategies. It will help you:

 Learn how to adapt to the new world of marketing. Perceive how the internet has transformed the way brands engage with consumers, and appreciate the new rules and perspectives.
 Embrace the tools and techniques required to succeed in digital marketing.
 Learn to develop and execute digital marketing plans, including aspects such as website building and optimization, development of content scheme, use of social media, advertising, conversion and nurturing leads, and tracking and monitoring.
 Reach your target market through Google Ads. Using a case study, you will rehearse the processes of strategizing, planning, developing, executing and evaluating ad campaigns. And you will gain hands-on experience with the Google Ads platform.
 Enhance search performance with Google Search Console’s tools and functions. You will gain hands-on experience using the Google Console platform to monitor search performance, check indexing status and optimize visibility.
 Improve business performance through web analytics. You will gain hands-on experience using the Google Analytics platform to monitor and evaluate performance, and draw insights to strengthen the business.

Workshop Outline
The workshop comprises a number of sessions, covering the following topics.

 The new media environment emphasising the new rules and perspectives, and how marketers must adapt to the new marketing landscape.
 The dos and don’ts of digital marketing. Through a case study, participants learn the strengths and limitations of social campaigns, and grasp the complexity of managing a brand public relations crisis.
 Digital Marketing tools and techniques to succeed in the digital age. The necessity to chalk out multi-media strategies to get discovered in cyberspace, and serve useful and interesting information.
 Overview of social media, highlighting the core differences between the networks and the best marketing practices to adopt for each of the platforms.
 Search Engine Optimization processes for on-page and off-page optimization, with the aim to impart an understanding of how to increase inbound traffic and channel it down the digital marketing funnel.
 Demonstration of the tools and functionality of Google Search Console to monitor and improve site search performance.
 Web Analytics to monitor the health of a website vis-à-vis metrics, KPIs and benchmarks, improve its effectiveness in drawing traffic and converting users, and assess the digital marketing mix.
 Hands-on experience with the Google Analytics platform to monitor, evaluate and enhance business performance.
 Search advertising to attract search traffic. The Google auction, keyword strategies, and practices to improve the effectiveness of search advertising.
 Demonstration of how to use Google Ads to research keywords, forecast campaign performance, and to create, launch and monitor search campaigns.
The relevance of some of these topics is described in the sections that follow.