We promote and encourage Sportsmen and Women at our College

We promote and encourage Sportsmen and Women at our College

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India is home to some top-notch sports persons. Sachin Tendulkar, SainaNehwal, and Sania Mirza are only some of these ace performers. But the trend in our country today still favours students who excel at academics. Indian society, at large, gives priority to classroom and textbook knowledge.

At our Institute, we promote those students who wish to excel in sports. Our aim is also to stand out as a top college not only for academics but also for sports. With the possibility of students who have made a name or even the potential to qualify in district, state or even national level, we provide scholarships to the tune of 25% to such students.

Along with our Career Management Cell where placement of our student is a primary focus, even Government jobs become a possibility once the student excels in sports.
Most of the government institutions, including Indian Railways, Indian Army, Police, Government Banks/Universities, Public Sector Units recruit meritorious sports players from time to time. This would provide job security to players and further strengthens their desire to work hard on the sport of their choice and achieve glory through sports for the state and country.

Criteria Under Sports Quota Admissions:

1) Incumbent should have played a sport representing their School/District/State/National
2) Minimum Marks 40%

Sports eligible for Sports Quota at RAMT

  1. Archery & Athletics
  2. Badminton, Ball Badminton, Basketball & Boxing
  3. Canoeing and Kayaking, Chess, Cricket & Cycling.
  4. Fencing & Football.
  5. Gymnastics
  6. Handball & Hockey.
  7. Judo
  8. Kabaddi & Kho Kho
  9. Marathon Runners
  10. Roller-Skating & Rowing
  11. Sailing\Yachting, Shooting, Softball &Swimming,
  12. Table Tennis, Taekwondo &Tennis
  13. Volleyball
  14. Weightlifting & Wrestling
  15. Yoga.

These include taking the basis of their best performances in the preceding five years verifying the genuineness of the certificates with Date of Birth certificate issued by the ICSE Board\similar Boards of Central\State governments only to be considered.

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